Detour Spirits

Sweet Youth

Single cask, cask strength single malt Scotch whisky

A 5-year old single-cask, single-malt whisky produced in the Orkney distillery at Highland Park, fully aged in a Moscatel octave cask. The unbridled energy of youth and the polish and elegance of a sweet finish. An exquisite combination which is so hard to find in single cask releases.

Distillery of origin:

Highland Park

Filling date:

February 2017

Cask type:

Moscatel Octave cask

Bottling date:

June 2023

Bottle alcohol strength:


Number of bottles:

78 bottles

Story of release

In August 2021, I was offered a Moscatel octave cask (circa 55L) filled with Whitlaw spirit distilled at Highland Park. As you surely know, this distillery produces lovely peated spirit, closely resembling Islay peat. Just before the offer landed in my inbox, I tasted some very impressive drams of single cask expressions from this distillery and found I preferred the ones of younger age. I knew upon tasting the sample and looking at the very dark colour (for a 5 year old whisky), that it needed to be bottled ASAP. The precious balance of a vigorous young peated whisky, supported with just the right amount of sweet, Mocatel was perfectly struck.

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Viliam Tomcanyi

Independent bottler

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