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Postcard from Southern Island

Single cask, Cask Strength Scotch Malt Whisky

The Isle of Mull can be a wet and cold place. However, it is also home to great whisky. Whisky from The Isle of Mull is now available to you to enjoy in this vibrant single cask expression.

Distillery of origin:


Filling date:

October 2008

Cask type:

exBourbon Hogshead cask

Bottling date:

August 2020

Bottle alcohol strength:


Number of bottles:

38 bottles

Story of release

With the first sniff of the barrel sample, it was clear that it was ready for the bottle. At the time, I was looking for a cask with some age on it to buy and keep for a while, but I couldn’t hold back. Yes, I could have waited a couple of months to get it to the magical number of 12 in terms of age, but age is just a number, right? I loved it just as it was. The natural alcohol strength was a bit too high at 67.2%, so I wanted to lower it to about 50%. However, the team from Marpek Whisky loved the high-octane and asked me to bottle the majority of the yield of the cask for them. The rest was bottled at a lower alcohol strength of 56%, which I found enjoyable to drink, yet strong enough for experimenting with adding drops of water.

This time I was truly lucky. I contacted a broker I knew to find out what was new on the list and he told me about this cask and its history. I can resist everything but temptation.

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Viliam Tomcanyi

Independent bottler

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