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Single Cask Guyanese Rum

The beauty of single-cask rum aged in the UK is that it’s probably the most non-rummy rum I have ever tasted. Its dryness and petrol notes make for a vastly different experience to the often sugary sweet rums made palatable only by the addition of coke, or as an ingredient in a tall tropical drink.

Distillery of origin:

Diamond Distillery, Guyana

Filling date:

May 2010

Cask type:

exBourbone Barrel cask

Bottling date:

January 2023

Bottle alcohol strength:


Number of bottles:

216 bottles

Story of release

This cask was recommended to me by my friend Colin, a whisky critic by day and connoisseur by night. It was for its light, fruity notes and its true representation of the Diamond Distillery production.

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Viliam Tomcanyi

Independent bottler

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